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I enjoy squash much more these days

Although he stopped his professional sport career, he stays in Synergy Club with his wards. Former squash player and current sports manager Honza Koukal knows that proper preparation starts in the gym. Although he now focuses mainly on other athletes, he himself would like to become the Czech Republic champion once more. He has great motivation in his son.

Honza, many people know you as an athlete who plays squash. During your career you have become champion of the Czech Republic 18 times.
I won for the first time in 1999. I've only lost twice in twenty years of my career, which is a success. This year I played the semi-finals and the championship of the Czech Republic, but otherwise I don't train for about a year and a half. I was only preparing for this tournament for a while. This is, of course, a disadvantage compared to colleagues. They've been playing all year and I've only played twice a season.

So you play only for fun nowadays?
I currently train a group of six children in Brno and I help to one promising young athlete from Prague. I do not train myself anymore.

You transferred from professional athlete to the manager of professional athletes. Is this your future now?
Yes, I currently have six athletes that I represent. Otherwise, I play football, golf and tennis three times a week. Now I have more time for other sports than when I was just doing squash. Now that I go to play squash recreationally, I will enjoy it much more.

How did you become the manager?
Already while I was playing, I did many things around the sport myself. I organized with my friend twice in a row the Czech Republic Championship in squash. It all actually started at the U Buldoka pub here on Andel, where I see many athletes.

Do you have the capacity for recruiting new athletes?
I do not plan to expand my capacity. I am satisfied with a smaller group of clients. I have everything under control and I also have enough space for my own life. I want to devote myself fully to these six wards because I feel that my added value is mainly in the relationship that we have with each other. Leading 20 people would break our friendly settings. And I don't want that.

You are linked to the Urban Store clothes shop in your business life. How does this cooperation work? 
I help them mainly with media events. For example, we recently prepared a press conference with Martina Sáblíková. Rather, I would call myself a consultant who helps them process press releases before each race.

Would you say that your work is also fun for you? 
I'm trying to make it happen. It doesn't always work out that way, but I know it is crucial to find time for yourself or family. My wife and I go golfing on weekends. Since I no longer have tournaments, my life is more orderly, and I can have more time off with my family. And in January our family will be extended by a new member, so I will have be very busy for a while.

It is unbelievable how you can handle. What motivates you? 
Well, I would love to win the Czech championship one more time and take a win photo along with my son. The only tournament that matters is held in one year so we will see how it goes.

Do you plan on leading your son to be an athlete? 
Not in squash. Since I have been devoted to him for some time and my sister's husband is a world champion in this discipline, they might compare him to us. I don't think that's the best. He will certainly have sports skills.

Thank you very much for the interview, Honza. Whole Synergy Club wishes you all the best and many achievments.