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Snowboarding prospect is back after surgery

You can recognize Kristian "Kikin" Salach on the first sight. His curly hair and wide smile are unmistakable. At the end of September, the young snowboarder was not laughing. During the training he broke not only his snowboard but also the collarbone. He recovered again his full strength in Synergy Club Andel.

From practice by helicopter 

Kikin, nicknamed the 15-year-old rider, is one of the most promising Czech snowboarders in the slopestyle discipline. It is a ride in a snowpark, during which racers try to perform the most difficult acrobatic tricks on artificial obstacles. Kristián spends the autumn part of the season mostly in the mountains abroad, where there are snow parks where he trains for the winter. This season began in August in SaasFee, Switzerland. But after a month he had to take an unplanned break. In one of the trainings he did not avoid falling and unfortunately the broken board was not the only thing that broke during the fall. It also took the collarbone. He flew right from the slope by helicopter to the hospital so that the doctors could avoid further injuries. After being transported to the Czech Republic, he underwent surgery to screw together his broken bone.

Regeneration and practice 

After two weeks of convalescence, his coach David Bakes took Kristian to our Club in Prague to slowly start gaining Kristian´s lost strength. David is successful retired professional rider that competed in snowboard cross and who participated Olympic Games in Sochi where he placed 25 th , and he also participated in Olympic Games in Vancouver. Nowadays he works as a professional trainer of other professional athletes and helps them to compete on the world stage. According to this, he knows what is best for Kristian. They have a found our Club as the perfect background for their goals. „The gym is equipped with high quality machines, it also provides plenty of space for free coordination training, stretching, compensation exercises including regeneration in whirlpool and sauna.” describes David Bakes.
Work out in the gym four time a week 

After recovery from Kristián injury, strength training could start. “Since October, “Kikin” and I have been training four times a week in the gym and making sure that he is 100% fit again and that it is possible to start training on the snow again - which is happening at this time,” adds the young snowboard hope manager. He did not choose Synergy Club for “Kikin” by accident. In addition to excellent equipment, he also found a great team of people. “Thanks to guys like Honza, Petr and Olda, I go to an environment where many members know me from the past as a rider and now also as a coach. Where, in turn, I can prepare my wards and share experiences in an environment where we feel comfortable, where we surround ourselves with nice and kind people,” concludes David. You can read about Kristian’s first races after injury in next sequel of our series. Not only we can’t wait for snowy photos and hopefully the winning news.