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With the new issue of our Synergy Magazine we have another bonus interview with your favorite sportswomen - with Kristyna Hoidarova Kolocova and Michaela Kvapilova. Girls, welcome and we are looking forward to your story about how professional beach volleyball players practice!

You are no newcomers in our Club. How would you rate the hard work and regeneration process in our Club so far?

Unfortunately, we have experienced more of hard work than regeneration process in wellness are. Nevertheless, we are so glad we can use facility such as Synergy Club because of its space, equipment and attitude of its employees. Combination of these aspect makes Synergy Club and ideal place for our practice and workout.

Speaking of that, is lifting the dumbbells still your most feared activity, or have you found a harder machine?

The lifting of dumbbells is certainly one of the dreaded activities. But in our last strength training plan, the coach has added various jumps on box. They are more fun, but perhaps even more difficult.
How do you feel? What motivates you during the hard work that helps you to achieve your goals in sport field and in regular life as well?

So first of all, we want to have the nicest butts on the whole World Cup series and secondly we are simply purposeful. And when we decide to achieve something, we work really hard to make it happen. That drives us forward.

Misa, you still pursue a college degree along with professional sport career. How difficult is it to manage these two very time-consuming tasks?

It's not easy, but everything is possible when you really want it. I enjoy the school I study, and thanks to the individual curriculum teachers meet my needs, so I can make it work even with my busy calendar.

Can you tell us some of the upcoming events in which you will compete? We would love to come and support you guys so will you play any of your tournaments in the Czech Republic? 

Our closes event is in the United States and in Brazil. You will also see us competing in the Czech Republic for sure.