Our athletes

Dan Havel and Jakub Špicar

They are one of the Czech tops in K4 Kayak sprints. At the last year's World Championship, they also managed to impress in the doubles (K2). To their own surprise, they took away not one but two medals from the championship. Daniel Havel and Jakub Špicar are now preparing for the next season with hard training in our gym.

Let´s introduce you guys. What kind of sport do you do and in what categories do you personally compete?

We do speed canoeing, which means riding on calm water in nine lanes against our
opponents. We specifically do sprint kayaking. Most of all we devote ourselves to the
disciplines K2 1000 m and K4 500 m, where we are partners and we ride together in one boat. Last year we managed to win two bronze medals in these disciplines at the World Championship held at the end of August in Račice here in Czech Republic. Dan is also the owner of two bronze Olympic medals from games in London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016 in the category K4 1000 m. Otherwise we are both competitors of Prague's Dukla.

Based on what criteria do you choose the right fitness center?

We primarily choose fitness centre according to its location and availability. Another and the main criterion is certainly its equipment. Just to have everything we need for our training and ideally for regeneration. Which has Synergy Club at a very high level.

What do you like about Synergy Club the most?

We like the fitness machines the most of course. Some, especially the pulleys, are made by pulling each hand separately, which prevents various muscle imbalances. You will not find it in every fitness centre. We also like the break room in the wellness area, where you feel really comfortable and pleasant. And we also love the opportunity to sit in the reception area and relax after training with a good cup of coffee.
The boys want at least bronze medals from the next World Championship.
How would you rate the last season?

We would rate the last season very positively, because we managed to get bronze from the World Championship in the category K2 1000 m, which was the first season that we rode together. And most importantly, no one has achieved such a result in the history of the Czech Republic. In addition, we had a bronze medal from the K4 500m, which was a new Olympic discipline for this season. In total, we are glad that we showed ourselves in a good light in front of the home crowd and fans.

What are your next plans?

The plans for the next season are just in our heads for now. How they will really end up
depends on our first home qualifying race, which is held in late April and the beginning of May. We should participate in two World Cup races in Duisburg, Germany and Szeged, Hungary. We will then continue to the European Championship in Belgrade, Serbia, and we will finish the season last week in August at the World Championship in Portugal, where we would like to demonstrate our strength mainly in K2 1000m and at least defend this year's bronze medal.

What would you wish to Synergy Club in the future?? 

We definitely wish to Synergy Club as many satisfied customers who will be happy to return as possible, whether for exercise or regeneration. The last couple of the season had a couple of reasons to be happy. At least the bronze medals are coming from the next world championship. At the last year's World Championship, they were able to gleam even in doubles. To their own surprise so imported from the championship not one, but two medals. Daniel Havel and Jakub Špicar are now preparing for the next season with honest training in our gym.
The last couple of the season had a couple of reasons to be happy.