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Today's world is generally focused on performance and speed. It is sometimes very difficult to stop and make a meaningful rest these days, and that's why the idea of setting up the Synergy Club was born. This name combines all the values that are essential to the Club - sport, fitness, relaxation, the right diet and a healthy attitude to life and its surroundings.

The Synergy Club project originated in 2016

when Olda, Petr and Honza decided to build a place where they would be able to improve their fitness and physical condition by various types of exercise and relaxation, as well as a place that would attract people through its atmosphere.


Community, quality and modern trends

We do not want a mass gym with too many people coming during the day, we want an individual approach focused on quality and modern trends. We want to help you get better results and enjoy them as much as you do. We want to build a place and community of active athletes where you can always find support and great facilities. The place you want to belong to.

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Our Synergy Club Andel is situated in Hotel Andel’s by Vienna House in Smichov, Prague 5. This location is perfectly accessible for every kind of public transport with car parking inside the building. There is also a synergy with other facilities in the neighbourhood such as restaurants, shops, bars, theatres, etc.

Come and visit us so you can see for yourself how satisfied you will be and to feel the great vibes our Club generates.

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Fitness & wellness club
Stroupežnického 21, 
Praha 5  150 00
Tel.: +420 737 191 934
Email: inforemove@synergyclub.cz

Open hours
Monday to Friday: 6:30 - 22:00
Saturday, Sunday: 8:00 - 22:00

Mgr. Veronika Zemanová - GYM Manager
Tel.: +420 604 702 418
Email: veronika.zemanovaremove@synergyclub.cz


Synergy Club s.r.o.
Stroupežnického 21, 150 00 Praha 5
IČO: 03091945, DIČ: CZ03091945



Synergy Club s.r.o.
Stroupežnického 21,
Praha 5 150 00
IČO: 03091945



Synergy Club Andel
Stroupežnického 21
Praha 5 150 00