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Miraculous amino acids or what the hell are the BCAAs?

We have already touched on the topic of amino acids in the previous article on proteins because they are very closely related. Now, let's look at why it is advisable to replenish amino acids during sports workouts and how this will affect our body's performance.

Our body consist of 21 amino acids

Amino acids are substances that make up almost the entire human body. In nature there are more than 300. The peculiarity is that only 21 amino acids are proteins, that said, all plants and all animals are made up of a combination of only 21 amino acids. They are called biogenic, and they are subdivided into essentials that the human body cannot make and non-essentials that it can make.

Supplementary variant of protein shakes

If you remember well, the fastest absorbable protein is whey and can build in two hours. However, it is still only a basic source of amino acid replenishment if not needed immediately. So, the basic rule of amino acids in the form of proteins - they are used for regeneration after the load. While amino acids predominantly essential, (the most popular BCAA-L-isoleucine, L-leucine, and L-valine) or complex high-quality (in peptide form) are intended for use before and during exercise.

Why is it important to take amino acids during exercise?

The difference is noticeable, for example, in endurance sports. Amino acids already provide regeneration during the load, and thus performance is not reduced, and performance is longer. You can recognize the immediate effect at the increasingly popular cross-country and cycling events. Strong athletes will also make effective use of those who “put” more strain and achieve muscle shaping and shaping more quickly. Obviously, thanks to lower exhaustion, the catabolic training phase is shorter, and the body is ready for further exercise faster. This is also widely used by top athletes in multiphase training.
Specialist tip 
Have a BCAA protein shake during each workout and after the last. You can use this for demanding sports weekends or holidays.

An overview of the most popular amino acids

1. BCAA = branched chain amino acids (combining L-isoleucin, L-leucin a L-valin) 
You can get them in tablet or capsule form. New in recent times is a powder in the form of a flavoured fruit drink, or so-called 2v1.With a drink that replenishes liquids at the same time you get a dose of BCAA. At the reception of the Synergy Club you can buy a package with a high dose of 6 g for the price of a regular sports drink. If you choose the form in tablets or capsules, you usually get only half the dose for this price.
2. Wide-spectrum amino acids 
It is a mix of up to 18 amino acids from various sources such as whey or beef. They are again available mainly in tablet, capsule or liquid form. They are mostly used in strength sports, especially those who do not have the time to mix a protein shake during the day and need a constant level of amino acids.

3. L-glutamine 
A very popular nonessential amino acid in strength athletes, which the body makes itself, but only in small quantities. It is supplemented immediately after intensive training, as it helps to shed growth hormone and testosterone, thus stimulating muscle growth. Of course, it speeds up regeneration and has, for example, positive effects on immunity and nervous system. It is most popular in powder form but is also available in tablets or capsules. It even enriches protein shakes.

About other interesting amino acids, maybe next time ...

Jana Samková

Jana Samková is the Sales Director of USAS spol. s r.o., which is an importer of sports nutrition of German companies MULTIPOWER, PROVISTA, MULTABEN, Z KONZEPT and newly Italian NAMEDSPORT. After experience in the field since 1992, she prefers to choose high-quality partners with many years of experience and background. Only they can produce products with an effective recipe and only the highest quality of raw materials gives them prestige.