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Our abs machines

Ab Coaster

Its biggest advantage is the bottom-up engagement of the abdominal muscles, which also reduces unwanted engagement of the neck, back or shoulders, which is very important when performing this exercise. The curved path of movement mimics the natural flexion of the spine and allows perfect abdominal exercises on the machine for both beginners and experienced exercisers. The ergonomic trolley puts you in a kneeling position, in which it perfectly insulates the abdominal area and virtually eliminates any stress on the hip flexor. By rotating the trolley, it is possible to strengthen different parts of abdominal muscles.

Ab Solo

It is a unique, fun and effective machine for exercising all abdominal muscle groups. Thanks to the design it is possible to target your movement to 3 touch targets, so you can engage a selected group of abdominal muscles during the exercise. Different ball weights are available and can be rotated directly during exercise by throwing them into the cage. The air-filled seat carefully protects your lumbar spine and prevents it from overloading during the exercise.

Abs Bench

This unique abdominal bench for commercial use as the only fitness machine will help us to exercise both upper and lower abdominal muscles. This amazing coordinated movement of the upper and lower body allows us to ergonomically inclined pad under the upper body. Both the back pad and the leg mounts engaging the lower abdominal muscles provide excellent comfort and stability regardless of the size of the exerciser. This trio of such extraordinary machines standing next to each other will not just come across, so take advantage of their possibilities and include them in your exercise. I or any of our trainers will be happy to give you a personal consultation and recommend the best set of exercises tailored just for your workout.