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What is protein - and why is it important after training

Sure, you can admit that you don't need it, that you don't want to gain muscle. But this is a big mistake. We all need proteins, so we don't have to be afraid of protein cocktails, which play a well-founded role in our diet.

Natural composition

It is nothing unhealthy, just pure protein extracted from classic food sources, the most widespread include whey, milk, eggs, soybeans, rice, etc. Moreover, they are modified by modern and often natural technologies to be absorbed more effectively than those we receive from classic diet. For information: the food with the highest protein content includes meat, the largest proportion of protein has red (beef, etc.), about 30%, the rest mainly water and fat. This means that in a 100 g portion of meat you will receive a similar amount of protein as in one cocktail. Have you ever compared the price?

Why are proteins so important?

Proteins are composed predominantly of amino acids and are known to be the basis of regeneration of the whole organism, mainly muscle mass, tendons and joints, and affects skin elasticity. It's just a great anti-aging for the whole body. A non athlete should have a daily protein intake of 1 g / kg of weight. Athlete at least 1.5 g / kg of weight, we mean a recreational athlete with 2-3 training sessions a week. Simply, during training or any other physical exercise, the body consumes mainly carbohydrates from glycogen stores, and if it is short in supply, it “eats” its own muscle mass.

Source of regeneration

If you want to have a beautiful athletic body and you don't want to gain muscle, it is not good to take carbohydrates after training. Conversely, the best way to do this is to have a protein shake with a protein content of about 80% within 1 hour after the practice. You supply a source of regeneration for strained muscles and tendons. They will be firm, flexible, beautifully slim and most of all they will be more resistant to injury. And what's cool? You can feel it. The next day nothing hurts you and you don’t feel tired. Proteins also have a tremendous effect on efficient fat burning. If you do not have enough of it in your body, there is no preferential fat burning, but muscle mass is also degraded and the proportion of fat in the body does not change.

What type of cocktail to choose?

Whether you are not constrained by any intolerance or belief, the basis is whey protein. It has an optimum amino acid spectrum that is built up very quickly, within about 2 hours. Therefore, it is suitable if you train in the morning and afternoon. If you are going to work out in the evening after work, multi-component proteins, so-called nocturnal, with whey but also casein, are more suitable. It is absorbed slowly, up to 7 hours, and you gradually regenerate during sleep. If you have mentioned milk intolerance or you are vegan, there are protein mixtures for these cases, for example soy, rice, peas, on the market.

What to beware when buying?

Do not buy anything from a manufacturer that is significantly cheap. There is a risk of using non-certified lower quality raw materials from third countries. It is from these producers that one of the myths that protein should not foam is spreading. Logically, the finer the powder mixture, the better it can be incorporated and dusted and foamed. Good solubility is important. Otherwise, whey and mixtures with casein behave differently. Whey protein is finer and lighter, while casein night proteins are denser and creamier. Buy nutrition from European companies with a tradition and research what raw materials they use. It is also a guarantee that within the EU there are the highest standards and regular checks carried out.

Jana Samková

Jana Samková is the Sales Director of USAS spol. s r.o., which is an importer of sports nutrition of German companies MULTIPOWER, PROVISTA, MULTABEN, Z KONZEPT and newly Italian NAMEDSPORT. After experience in the field since 1992, she prefers to choose high-quality partners with many years of experience and background. Only they can produce products with an effective recipe and only the highest quality of raw materials gives them prestige.