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Chest press is for everyone

In the second episode of this section, head coach Olda will introduce you to the "machine", which enjoys the great popularity. Today is the chest press turn. Whether you are an advanced or novice exerciser, you will surely love this “breast pressure” machine. A beginner will learn how to properly apply breast pressure and an experienced to maximize his performance.

Strength endurance

On our bilateral Cybex machine, which you will not find in every gym, each half of the body is loaded separately, thereby eliminating the power imbalances between the left and right side and prevent the overall imbalance of the upper body. Each hand must push its own weight, which results in an excellent strength increase or strength endurance if you want to.

Weights Plates

The machine is simple to operate. Its setting is very comfortable and pleasant and therefore it is so popular among our clients. For this purpose, as weights are used weight plates, which weigh from 1.25 kg to 25 kg. From starter “0” to an incredible 150 kg on each side. But many exercisers exhaust the last series to the point that they don't have the power to remove the plates and put them back on the racks. So please count on this last series as well.

Handle settings

The adjustable arms of the machine will replace the different bench positions, which are locked in the basic position and do not need to be manipulated. The setting of the handles determines whether we target our movement towards the middle or the top of the pectoral muscles. Of course, it is necessary to realize that the front part of the shoulders is actively involved in the movement and the triceps to a great extent.